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ACWG//Development & Design Division

With ACWG Dev&Design Division, we aim to deliver the best quality of Web and App development to our clients, our Standalone Project Team will change your mind on how effectiveness your project will be done.

Standalone Project Team, only in ACWG

What is Standalone Project Team?

Standalone Project Team (SPT) provide best focus of your project management process, each SPT will have a Team Leader, and he will just act as your consaultant and keep track your development process. You can contact him anytime for latest updates or changes.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We do accept Credit card payment, bank cheque and directly deposit.

Do you have you perivous work as portfolio?

Yes! we do, unfortunatly because not all our client want us to list them out on our web, please just email us with your requirement, we will send you a list of similar work we've done before.

Can I host my website outside?

Short Answer Yes

Although we suggest our client to use our Network and DataCenter Services, but we allow clients choose from any services provider for their hosting, especially when your project is small, seleccting outside services will be a great budget saving.

Dev//Team N
Team N is a award winning team, Member in the team are young, eleagent and smart, they developed some well known apps and won many awards, such as Cyberport, Hong Kong ICT Award and Hong Kong Hackathon 2012.

Dev//Team R

Rico Team Leader
Harry Creative
Mike UI/UX Developer
John Database Expert

Dev//Team W
Our Team W are experts in Web and Mobile App development, as one of our biggest team in ACWG, Team W will provide amazing product to you.

Joe Team Leader
Harry Designer
Mike Developer
John Developer